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Aruba Vacation Photos

The Aruba Vacation Photos Package: This all-inclusive package is tailored to suit everyone, from families and friends to couples celebrating special moments. With a generous 1-hour session, you'll receive 40 impeccably shot photos and a breathtaking drone video to relive the experience. Posing for photos can take time, especially with diverse combinations like couples, families, or even playful shots of the little ones.


Clear Kayak Drone

The Kayak Photo Session at Mangel Halto, Aruba

Dive into one of the most pristine waters in Aruba: Mangel Halto.

Duration: Aproximmatley 1 hour.

Schedule & Meeting Point: Best sessions are held in the morning with flexible start times up until 9 am. This timing ensures optimal lighting to showcase the vivid blue waters. We meet at Mangel Halto, approximately 25 minutes away from the main resort area. Please note, transportation is not provided. Whether by rental car or taxi, reaching this non-touristy spot is straightforward.

Session Details:
- Photos are taken individually, whereas for the video, both occupants can be in the kayak simultaneously or one at a time.
- The kayak setup is simple: no paddle, no seats – just a picturesque prop for your photos/videos.
- To ensure safety and stability, the kayak is anchored, eliminating any drift.
- Our team will be there to help you embark and disembark from the kayak.
- Access to the kayak is via blue stairs (as seen in our examples). Once you descend, we'll place you in the kayak, secure it, capture the moments, and then assist you back ashore. While the process is simple, detailing it ensures clarity for our clients.
- As you'd have seen from our examples, specific poses enhance the outcome. Given the distance during the shoot, continuous guidance won't be possible. We'll guide you beforehand, but once you're positioned, a bit of self-directing may be needed.

Inclusive Features:
- Choose between a delightful local breakfast or a savory charcuterie board.
- Enjoy unlimited Mimosas as you soak in the serenity.
- Personalize your experience by playing your own music playlist, creating a unique atmosphere for your session.

Final Deliverables: This is a drone-exclusive session. Expect to receive 25 high-resolution drone images and a video clip spanning 30-45 seconds. Currently, our delivery period is 3-4 weeks, all via digital download. Payment is accepted in cash during the session. A contract will need to


How do I book?

Please visit our Packages page to send us an email requesting a photoshoot. Booking is not complete until you have emailed us.

What location will the session be at?

We can shoot the session at your hotel and meet in the lobby, or I can give recommendations to another location. You can check out my portfolio for location ideas!

I do not provide transportation.

When will we get our photos?

The photos become available within 3-4 weeks.

How do I receive the photos?

Everything is done online. I do not do any prints at this time. You receive your photos in an online gallery as well as via WeTransfer which is a digital file transfer service.

Do you work with anyone?

I work alone unless it is something we have discussed. For example, you have booked a wedding with us and want two photographers.

How do you work?

During a session, I take you through many poses as well as candid moments. I capture hundreds of photos. After the session, I slim down to the best of the best photos, edit them and upload to your online gallery!

What if I need to reschedule?

We can change your session so long as our availability allows.

Can you Photoshop my (....)?

I do not offer Photoshop services as it requires extensive, custom work which is not included in the pricing. My editing services include lighting adjustment and minor touch ups.

I know everywhere we look, we are told that we must not only be perfect, but unrealistic. That we are not good enough as we are. My goal as your photographer, is to bring out the beauty from within. The special light that is inside of us all - no matter how many laugh lines we have.

If you have a specific insecurity, please let me know ahead of time. I would be happy to offer suggestions in terms of clothing, styling and posing to make you feel more confident at the session!