The Details

All images you receive are meticulously handpicked and expertly edited by Vince personally. Every package includes light retouching, color correction, and the removal of background bystanders, ensuring a flawless snapshot every time. However, it does not include the use of Photoshop to change face or body imperfections. Our drone videos aren't just visual records; they're beautiful memories that replay in your mind, capturing moments that grow more precious with time.

This isn't just business to us.

Rooted in family values, each capture is a testament to our collective passion and dedication. Please note that only edited images are provided to clients, and raw, unedited files are not retained or sent. This policy ensures that clients receive only the most refined and polished versions of their memories, consistent with the studio's high standards of quality and professionalism.

Packages & Pricing

Aruba Vacation Photos


30 Hi-Res Photos + Drone Video ______________________
Base Package: $475
(Up to 8 family members)
+ 8 - 12 people: Additional $125
+ 12 - 18 people: Additional $225

Capture the magic of Aruba for family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries.

Clear Kayak Drone


25 Hi-Res Photos + Drone Video, local breakfast & Mimosas
+ Choice of local breakfast or charcuterie
+ Unlimited Mimosas
+ Enjoy music on the water

Pricing :
1 Person: $475
2 Persons: $720
3 Persons: $965
4 Persons: $1350

Aruba Luxury


50 Hi-Res Photos + Drone Video and 2 Island Locations
Discover island magic in style! Dive into a 2-hour photo adventure across iconic spots and top it off with sky-high drone views. Ready for some island vibes?


Starting at $950

40 Hi-Res Photos + Drone Video
+ Floral Elegance Arch
+ Celebratory Champagne